Would you like to take an expectorant that is mostly made from human hair or would you use one of the strongest poisons to smooth your wrinkles? Both are common examples of today’s medicine. Most cough remedy from the pharmacy consists of acetylcysteine, which is chemically obtained, inter alia, by means of activated carbon and concentrated hydrochloric acid applied to human hair. Even a ten-millionth of a gram of botulinum toxin – Botox – leads to respiratory paralysis and cardiac arrest. The amount of Botox that corresponds to a grain of salt would be fatal to half a million people. Nevertheless, it is used in dilute form daily in aesthetic medicine.


No two patients are the same. With the aid of modern diagnostics, we are beginning to better understand individual characteristics, in particular pertaining to the genetic, molecular and cellular characteristics of a patient. This allows us to provide a more and more individualized pharmacotherapy, which, in addition to the clinical picture, takes into account the individual physiological constitution and how the body deals with the drug. E. g., the detoxification function of the liver varies in humans due to different genetic makeup, which can lead to unintentional drug overdoses. Understanding this, and recognizing it in a specific case, enables an adapted dosage and thus massively reduces the risk of side effects.


Cureant offers sustainable and optimized products for the benefit of the patient. We question the origins of the preparations and look for alternatives that are in harmony with humans and nature, and correspond to the personal profile of the patient. We are global in the search for these alternatives, working with leading scientists to create optimal therapeutic approaches from innovative drugs and innovative dosage forms.